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Health Careers Program (HCP)

Health Careers Academy Purpose

Fundamentally, the purpose of the Health Careers Academy (formally the Student Development & Diversity Program) is to increase the number of students, especially minority and disadvantaged students, entering the health professions in South Carolina.   However, the evidence-based HCA curriculum is also designed to promote resiliency, improve overall academic success, and foster a sense of purpose in the student participants.   It provides students with a practical link between academic studies and preparation for participation in the workforce.

Health Careers Academy Goals

The South Carolina AHEC offers the Health Careers Academy (HCA) for high school students. The HCA activities promote academic success, career development and personal growth for students. The HCA also helps families understand that the path to becoming a health professional begins in high school.

The HCA provides exploration into health careers and prepares students for the rigors of healthcare training programs through activities that focus on communication, math and science. The HCA offers academic opportunities such as college admissions information, SAT/ACT resources, college tours, standardized test prep, hands on clinical skills trainings, and summer enrichment programs.

The HCA also provides student advising and mentoring sessions. Parental involvement sessions are provided for parents to learn more about financial aid options and strategies to help their children strive to become future healthcare providers in South Carolina.

The Health Careers Program (HCP) is designed to develop academically proficient and self-confident future health care professionals.

Specific goals are to:

Facilitate a coordinated, statewide approach for increasing the number and diversity of students entering the health professions pipeline in South Carolina.

Identify additional resources to support student programs in the state.

Develop an evidenced-based healthcare student recruitment and retention plan of activities.

The primary function of HCP is the Health Careers Academy (HCA).


If you are a professional in the fields of health care, management, or health policy, who works at a health organization or agency and are interested in partnering with Mid-Carolina AHEC Health Careers Program, please contact Health Careers Program Coordinator at (803) 286-4121

 Health Careers Academy Meeting Schedule

The Health Careers Academy meets once to twice a month, depending on if there is a follow up lab, for about 1 1/2 hours on a Tuesday night. Students that are in Lexington and Richland Counties meet the first or second Tuesday night of the month from August to May and Chester and Lancaster County students meet the first or second Monday of the month from August to May. 

Medical Explorers: Health Careers Academy Meeting Schedule

The Medical Explorers Program meets once to twice a month, depending on if there is a follow up lab, from 6pm to 8pm every 4th Monday or Tuesday of the month. Currently the Medical Explorers Program is only active in the following counties: Chester, Lancaster, Lexington and Richland.  

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